Prescription Glasses Are Becoming More Advanced

Prescription Glasses Are Becoming More Advanced

Prescription glasses are becoming more and more technologically advanced by the day. Google Glass is a good example of the changes taking place in the eyewear industry. Today, even old-fashioned prescription glasses are being designed to offer greater functionality. This is important because more than 64 percent of Americans these days wear eyeglasses to improve their vision.

To many people, a pair of prescription eyeglasses is cumbersome and the leading cause of headaches. At the same time, more and more people are spending time in front of computer screens and are at risk of suffering damage to their eyesight. The good news is that technologically advanced prescription glasses can help prevent such damage.

The trouble with the prescription glasses industry is that it has been stagnating for centuries. However, new companies have emerged that are designing better eyeglasses. Some of these items are very futuristic and there is even an app for the iPhone that can help prevent a person away from having to wear glasses.

The major thrust of new technology on prescription glasses is to help prevent eyestrain among wearers who have to spend long hours in front of a computer or tablet or even their smartphone. These devices are known to emit lights that can damage a person’s eyesight. This is why companies that make prescription glasses lenses are now offering lenses that can prevent such damage to the eyes.

Certain lenses are even being coated with a natural pigment called melanin, which helps in filtering out the dangerous lights, UVA as well as UVB radiation. These lenses help in reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue and though they cost about a hundred dollars, they most certainly are very useful.

Regardless of how well or poorly you are able to see, you will find prescription eyeglasses that are designed to suit unique lifestyles as well as correct all kinds of vision problems. Prescription lenses are now much more effective and they give you the opportunity to customize your prescription glasses and at the same time make a style statement.

In fact, certain eyeglass makers have even found a unique way of ensuring that you can even adjust your prescription at any time and anywhere. These special prescription eyeglasses make use of very small dials that are placed on the sides. These dials are known as Eyejusters and they make use of a special and unique technology, which goes by the name of Sidelines. Each of the two lenses on your prescription eyeglasses is a really not one but two lens that is each shaped in a different manner. When you turn the thumb dial one of the lenses will move slightly to the left or right, depending on which direction you turned the thumb dial. The result is that the lens will then have a new focal point. Wearers can continually move the dial until they achieve the desired focus. This is the same principle as is used in binoculars.

The market for such prescription eyeglasses is growing because if a person is not able to afford an eye doctor’s fee then they can buy these prescription glasses and turn the dial to achieve desired focus. The power range for such eyeglasses is between plus 4.5 to O and from 0 to minus 5.

Another new innovation that is shaking up the prescription eyeglasses industry is a new technology that involves adjustable focus glasses. These eyeglasses are aimed at people who suffer from presbyopia, which does not allow them to properly focus on the close-up matter. These new glasses make use of special lenses that come with a slider that can be used to adjust the lenses. The slider can be moved to improve focus and once proper focus is achieved, there is no need to rely on using multiple numbers of glasses to focus on the matter at different distances. These special lenses are an excellent alternative to bifocal glasses and progressive glasses.