Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses

Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses

Half-Rim Eyeglasses for Men

Half-Rim Eyeglasses for men are a stylish alternative to frameless and full-frame designs. Frameless glasses are quite popular these days, and half-rim eyeglasses are generally considered as the most durable and sophisticated look, but half rim eyeglasses are gaining popularity among those who have a moderate prescription and are seeking a sophisticated and worldly look. Half-rim glasses encapsulate the upper half of the eyeglass lens in a rugged frame - while the lower portion is revealed. This design may not be the best choice for those with a heavy prescription, as the substantial lenses may appear too thick on the wearer's face. Full rim glasses generally work better for this level of prescription.

If your prescription is moderate and you're seeking a truly world-class look and feel, Semi-Rimless glasses present with intelligence and are comfortable to wear. They are generally lighter in weight and provide nearly the same durability and strength of the full-rim design. semi-rimless glasses for men are generally seen on intellectual types, those in positions of authority, and on anyone who wants to reinforce their sense of professionalism.

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Semi Rimless Eyeglasses for Women

Half-Rim Eyeglasses for women have become incredibly popular over the past decade and have been spotted on celebrities, political figures, and style mavens around the globe. While full-frame designs will always have a place in the contemporary eyeglass arena, the semi-rimless design has gained favor with those who prefer a sophisticated and softer look in their eyeglasses.

These frames pair wonderfully with longer, slender faces, and are designed to accommodate prescription lenses of all types. However, many will find that thinner lenses (and therefore, less powerful prescriptions) match better with half rim frames since less lens material will be seen underneath the glasses frame.

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